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Ink pads

Need to order an inkwell for your separate ink pad? You are in the right place !
Discover our range of Todat inkwells. Light and practical, you will always be satisfied with the quality of the Trodat brand.

Three sizes of inkwells for all your small and large stamps. Inkwells 9051 (90 x 50 mm), 9052 (110 x 70 mm) and 9053 (160 x 90 mm).
Wooden stamp, plastic or metal stamp, we have the inkwell you need.

The Trodat range is designed with 95% recycled plastic. The ink cartridge is made of felt. The valve allows a good closure of the case.

Inkwells are available in black, blue, red, green, purple, uninked, hot pink, sky blue, orange, and UV invisible ink.
Receive your ready-to-use inkwell already impregnated.
Your inkwell can be re-inked with water-based ink from the Trodat 7011 or Noris 110 S range. A few drops are enough to restore color.
Remember to keep your inkwell away from direct light and heat for optimal use.

The uninked inkwell allows greater freedom in the choice of ink and colors You can choose an unimpregnated inkwell and opt for a special ink (neon, biodegradable ink, food-grade egg ink, PE+PP).

Choose the inkwell that best suits your stamp and your application.
For festivals, discotheques, schools, crafts, manual date stamps, wooden stamps, Trodat inkwell is the best choice.

You are now ready to order your inkwell!

Trodat 9051 ink pad

Trodat 9051 ink pad

90 x 50 mm

VAT PriceCHF 8.13
Trodat 9051 ink pad
Trodat 9052 ink pad

Trodat 9052 ink pad

110 x 70 mm

VAT PriceCHF 10.85
Trodat 9052 ink pad
Trodat 9053 ink pad

Trodat 9053 ink pad

160 x 90 mm

VAT PriceCHF 13.51
Trodat 9053 ink pad