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Your ink pad works, but your personalization is no longer relevant? Go for a spare text plate, don't throw away an item that may have a new function.

Plaque de texte pour tampon encreur

Your stamp can have a second life, the text plate is the solution

Your ink pad is no longer suitable, your address has changed, your telephone number has an error... There are several reasons why you may have to buy a new ink pad, but if your device is in good condition, why throw it away?
Stop, before continuing to read this article, ask yourself a first question: is my stamp working correctly?
If the answer is YES, then the replacement text plate is THE solution, in addition to being economical, its price being lower than a complete device, you are doing something for the planet by preventing your stamp from leaving the bin !

How do I personalize my new text plate?

To do this, you must know your buffer reference.
Your reference is made up of four digits and begins with 49, for example 4911, 4912... Click here.
Your reference is made up of four digits and starts with 52, for example 5200, 5206… Click here.
(most often the part number is on the front of your device)
Then, let yourself be guided by our personalization module, enter your text, import your logo; configure your stamp according to your needs, the only imperative being to respect the initial dimensions of your ink pad (to help you, the maximum measures are indicated on the description of the chosen article).

The Stampfactory plus, remember to order a new ink pad with your new text plate or if your ink color is not available, opt for a bottled ink refill.

To go faster ! Our good to know

  • Is your device in good condition? If so, the text plate is a good option!
  • How do I order the right text plate for my stamp? You will find the reference of your buffer on the front of your device.
  • Last tip, do not forget to consult the dimensions on the description of the article in order to respect the authorized dimensions. Last recommendation, change your ink pad, choose a new ink when ordering or soak your pad (if the one in your possession is in good condition).

You are now ready to order!