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Round design, tips and tricks

Creating the file: an important step.

With our creation module, you can configure your stamp per line and manage your different options (font, size in pts, adjust left to right...) but it is not possible to put the words in arc circle or insert a circle around your text.
So how? You must first create your design (to standards) with suitable software (tips here).
Once your file has been saved, you can import it into our personalization module and all you have to do is confirm your order.There are no limits to your creativity (except those of technical constraints, anyway!!!).

Round or square frame: both!

Yes, a circle is compatible with a square. A square frame for your round design works too.
You can choose a wooden frame or opt for a square Printy type frame: 4921, 4922, 4923, 4924.
The advantage of the Printy reference being the integrated ink which makes handling easier for repetitive jobs, the round Printy references are 46025, 46050 and 4642.
The round wooden frame has its charm and is suitable for so-called occasional or manual work (scrapbooking, greeting cards, birth announcements, etc.). The advantage of the wooden stamp is its format, the diameters offered range from 15 mm to 85 mm.
The inkwells are options and are available in different sizes and colors.

As you will have understood, what will determine your choice is the future use of your stamp and the size of your impression.

To go faster ! Our good to know

  • For a round design, prepare your file with suitable software
  • Round or square frame both are possible
  • Free design, round, heart, star...

You are now ready to order!