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Personalised stamps

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Create my stamp
Tampon rectangulaire personnalisé

(From Frs 16.59)

Personalised stamp
Personalised dater stamp

(From Frs 32.40)

Personalised dater stamp
Stamp to create

(From Frs 35.50)

Stamp to create

The customizable stamp, an essential everyday tool. For your communication as a professional, independent, company. The stamp is also a necessary tool for your administrative and office tasks for official or current documents (accounting, delivery note, etc.).
Customizable stamps are also very useful for individuals and make it easier to organize your papers. To classify your documents, to indicate your LAMal insurance number or simply to mark the back of your letters.

The Trodat and Colop product lines are designed to accommodate all your customizations.
A logo, a logo + a text, a simple text, a pictogram, our stamps are suitable for all types of markings.
Stampfactory also offers you fully customizable wooden stamps recommended for more moderate or creative use.
The Trodat and Colop brands offer different types of frames, in recycled plastic or metal.
Plastic frames for so-called moderate use, i.e. for the office and metal frames for daily and more intensive use, for example for the repeated marking of delivery slips in a workshop.
The Printy, Professional, Printer and Expert ranges adapt to all configurations and uses.
The frames are ergonomic and lightweight for easy handling and use.
Trodat and Colop stamps are available with colored inks: black, blue, green, red.
To choose your future stamp, we advise you to identify its function. For an administrative stamp (for your letters, for your invoices, etc.) choose from the Printy and Printer ranges. The Professional and Expert ranges are the best-selling for use in workshops, warehouses or shops.

With or without integrated date stamp, depending on your needs.

Our customization module designed to help you with your design is waiting for you.
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