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Egg dater stamp kit

Egg dater stamp kit

Complete kit for marking eggs. Easy to use, the edible ink for eggs is specially designed for marking with our Trodat stamp.

Information :
#170 KIT is suitable for marking eggs.

This kit contains:
Trodat 1000 (Dater stamp) + Trodat 9051 (Ink pad) + Noris #170 (Ink)

To mark your fresh eggs, choose our special egg kit.
This kit includes a dater stamp 1000, an ink pad and a special edible ink for eggs.

Our kit is complete for easy use, the edible ink for eggs is specially designed for marking with our Trodat stamp.
The ink is quick drying, the available colors are red and green.

The ink is in compliance with EU standards.

The packaging of the eggs can be done directly after marking without leaving any trace or risk of smudging on your boxes. The ink holds well on the shell, the date will not fade.

To mark and date your eggs, the Trodat 1000 stamp is ideal. Small, ergonomic, light and robust, this stamp is easy to handle. The ink pad is adapted to the dimensions of the stamp included in our kit. Ink with a bottle with a capacity of 100 ml will allow you to mark a large number of eggs.

A date of laying in red or green, with bright colors and quality. Red to be clearly visible or green for organic eggs for example.

Good to know: eggs can be stored for up to 3 weeks / 1 month after being laid.
Prefer storage in a (clean) egg box and at an ambient temperature of 20°C maximum (above storage in the refrigerator is recommended). For a well centered yolk, position your eggs upside down. It is best to wait a few days to consume your eggs if you choose soft-boiled cooking so that the shell does not stick to the egg.

Consider our egg marking kit for a well-organized chicken coop! You are now ready to order!

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