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Pocket ink stamp

For on the move, it slips easily into a pocket, opt for the Trodat Printy 9411 stamp.

Small, practical and efficient, the pocket stamp is a compact model. These uses are varied and multiple. Its frame with flap allows you to carry it without worrying about getting dirty.

Its format is ideal for personalizing a diving stamp. To note and record your trips in your dive log (place, date of the dive for example) for amateurs or diving professionals.

Pocket pads are also good partners for geocaching practitioners.
Mark your passages for your treasure hunts with the Trodat Printy 9411.
Personalize your adventure companion with a pictogram available on our personalization module or import your design ready for production.

To mark your books and documents, the pocket stamp can be personalized as an ex-libris. Add your personalized stamp inside a book with the pocket stamp.

For professionals (delivery man, salesperson, building trades) the pocket stamp is ideal for marking your delivery notes or invoices while on the move.

Available with black or blue ink, the detail of the reference with the size of the marking is accessible on the article sheet. For daily or occasional use, in the office or on the move, compact stamps take up little space and are useful to you.

You are now ready to choose and order your ready-to-use stamp, the pocket stamp is waiting for you!

Trodat Printy 9411 (3 lines - 36x12mm) - Customized stamp

Trodat Printy 9411 (3 lines - 36x12mm) - Customized stamp

Max size of the imprint : 36mm x 12mm
Number of lines : 3

VAT PriceCHF 30.90
Trodat Printy 9411 (3 lines - 36x12mm) - Customized stamp