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Round ink stamp

Made-to-measure ink stamp, plastic frame or "high quality" metal frame, the made-to-measure round stamp is the ideal stamp for everyday use. Personalize your stamp with your address and/or logo

Tampon Trodat Printy rond sur mesure

Custom Trodat Printy circular stamp

Custom Trodat Printy circular stamp
Tampon bois rond

Wooden circular stamp

Wooden circular stamp

A round stamp for original customizations. Highlight your logo with or without text thanks to the round Trodat Printy frames.

Import a customization suitable for the rounded shape, with arched, curved or straight text according to your creativity for your personalized branding.

Printy round frames made of recycled plastic with integrated ink are suitable for everyday use.
The detail of the diameter of the marking is indicated on each of the references, you will also find the detail of the article on the technical sheet.
We have selected three references in the Trodat Printy range with practical and functional diameters. An easy-to-carry dimension, an intermediate diameter and a reference accepting a more generously sized footprint.
Discover our wide choice of diameters with our range on wooden frames from 15 to 85 mm to accommodate your creative personalized brands.

Round frames with wooden frame are available for sale with or without manual ink pad for occasional and creative use. Choose from our traditional colors: black, red, green, blue, purple or our pop and tangy colors: yellow, orange and neon pink or pink and sky blue.

Round stamps fit any use and function, in the office or at home. For administrative tasks or for fun (wedding, birth, birthday or party announcements) for professionals or individuals, the round shape is a good option.

You are now ready to order your custom round stamp!