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Frequently asked questions.

Got a question? We’ve put together a list of the most common questions:


1 - Do I have to import a mirror image file when ordering and what size will my final print be when using the stamp?

No, you need to import a file in normal read mode (left to right), the way you want your final print to look.

Margins of 1 mm on all 4 sides of your visual are necessary for production, so you must take this parameter into account when designing your file.

Example: a stamp measuring 47 x 18 mm (Trodat 4912) will create a final print measuring 45 x 16 mm and a stamp with a diameter of 30 mm will create a final print with a diameter of 28 mm.


2 - Will the price of my chosen stamp vary if my logo or text fills the entire available surface area?

At Stampfactory, the price is based on the stamp itself. The price remains the same whether or not your text/logo takes up all the available space on the stamp.


3 - I’ve noticed that the file is blurred when I import it for customization, will this be a problem when producing my order?

No, not necessarily. Some previews may actually appear blurred without causing a production problem. Rest assured, if the file does not have a high enough resolution, our technical department will contact you by e-mail to ask you to send a higher definition file.


4 - I would like to import a picture/logo when customizing my stamp, what resolution do I need?

We recommend importing a file of 600 dpi as a minimum.

If our technical department considers your file to be of insufficient quality, you will be contacted by e-mail.


5 - I would like to order a stamp with a picture/logo, what file types do you accept?

Our customization module accepts files saved as eps, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, ps, svg or tiff.


6 - I’m trying to change the size of the file I imported into your customization module, how do I do that?

Once you’ve imported your file into our stamp configurator, a percentage bar will appear automatically, so you can shrink or enlarge your file directly in our module. To know what size your print will be, please refer to the dimensions shown in red below the visual of your file.


7 - I wonder when my stamp’s ink pad will need to be replaced?

The Trodat brand produces 5,000 impressions* (prints) per ink pad, on average. In order to make your ink pad last as long as possible, we recommend keeping your stamp away from sunlight and heat, to stop the ink from drying out too fast *(test performed under optimal preservation conditions = away from heat and sunlight, based on a surface area for a rubber plate containing a simple text).


8 - I would like to order an ink refill for my stamp, is that possible?

Yes, on our toolbar you will find an “Accessories” section. You just need to click and look for the ink refill that matches your stamp reference.


9 - I already own a Trodat stamp and would like to replace only the text without having to buy a complete stamp, is that possible?

That is possible, you can customize and buy spare text plates from us.

You can find this item on our toolbar under the name “Text plate”. Just click and look for the reference that matches your stamp before customizing your new text plate.


10 - I would like to know what your lead times are, can you tell me?


All orders placed before 12 noon on a working day are dispatched on the same day (for Express orders).

In general, our lead times range from 24 to 48 working hours.

These lead times are valid for orders not subject to any special requests (e.g. pass for press, quantity, etc.). Our lead times may vary due to public holidays and year-end or summer holiday periods.

Our customer service team will contact you by e-mail, if necessary, to specify lead times.


11 - I would like to know what your delivery times are, can you tell me?

Our packages are sent with the Swiss Post, postal times are as follows:

Standard package: 3 to 5 working days; Priority package: 24/48 hours; Express package: 24 hours = next day delivery for orders placed before 12 noon on a working day.


12 - I would like to know what payment methods are available in your online shop, can you tell me?

We offer the following secure payment methods:

  • Credit or debit card = Visa, MasterCard, PostFinance Card.
  • PostFinance e-finance.
  • PayPal.
  • By invoice sent by e-mail
    • For individuals: transfer in advance
    • For professionals: Payment within 10 days


13 - I have several questions for you before placing my order but I can’t find your phone number in the contact section, what should I do?
In order to keep our prices low and our lead times short, we ask you to please send your questions by e-mail. Our customer service team will generally reply in the hour that follows, and within 24 hours at the latest (on working days and during our opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm).


14 - I have a personal discount code but the discount is not appearing in my cart, what should I do?

For the discount code to register in your cart total, you must be logged in to your customer account when creating your order; at the cart validation stage you can enter your discount code and it will be activated.


15 - I made a mistake in my delivery address and my package was not delivered, how can I obtain my order?

If your package could not be delivered by the Post because the recipient was not known at the address provided, we have to wait for it to be returned to our workshops so we can send it out to you again.

You can log in to your customer account now to correct your delivery address, then pay the redelivery fees by clicking this link:


Please bear in mind that the Post charges Frs 7.50 for returning an undelivered package + a new Economy delivery charge of Frs 5.90 So you pay a total of Frs 13.40.


16 - I’ve lost my password for logging in to my customer account, can you help me?

Just click the “Login” button, which you can find on our home page, then click the “Lost password?” button. Then type the e-mail address you used to create your account so your password can be sent to you automatically.


17 - I would like to return an item, is that possible and what do I need to do?

Non-customized items (ink pad, Trodat Typo, etc.) may be returned within 14 days as long as the product is intact in its original packaging. Items are returned at your expense and at your own risk by Economy delivery or another option of your choice. The return address is as follows: 9ALL Sàrl, STAMPFACTORY, route de Thonon 148, 1222 Vésenaz.

The item will only be exchanged, or a credit note issued, after the returned merchandise has been received and checked.


18 - Will the stamp I receive be ready to use and are your prices shown inclusive of tax?

At Stampfactory everything is included!

If you ordered a Trodat Printy, Trodat Professional or Trodat dater stamp: you will receive the complete item, fitted with its rubber plate and built-in ink pad, ready to be used.

If you ordered a wood-framed stamp: you will receive the complete item, fitted with its rubber plate and ready to be used (with or without ink pad depending on the option selected).

If you ordered a TYPO stamp, you will receive the complete kit matching the description of the selected product.

Our prices are shown inclusive of tax, so you know what you have to pay with no hidden costs!